Eagle Phoenix line

EAGLE S is a truck mounted telescopic access platform with jib, able to reach working heights up to 62 m and with lateral reach up to 32 m. EAGLE S has 2 extendible articulated jibs that allow straddling in quota of obstacles and extreme approach precision to high work areas. An important technical innovation is represented by the 2nd articulated jib, which allows the operator to perform work under trusses on in environments with obstacles in quota (e.g. petrochemical establishments), easily and in maximum safety. EAGLE S has a new aluminium platform that guarantees the same strength and loading capacity of steel platform.

The EAGLE S platforms differ notably EAGLE models regarding truck mounting. The frame has been studied to confer maximum compactness (reduced overall sizes also in movement) and to offer total device protection. One of the new things introduced in this range is the insertion of hydraulic pipes and electric connections inside the telescopic arms in a way to prevent any damage from external factors. Another interesting innovation carried out, is the complete re-assessment of the low command position.

The EAGLE S series will be equipped with the new LIVE WORK SYSTEM device. This ultra-modern telecommunication system comprises an audio/video system and a removable camera in the aerial part and an audio-visual system on the ground. The operator on the platform can communicate and transmit images in real time with a colleague on the ground but, an extraordinary feature, he can also communicate and transmit images in real time to any distance, for example with the owner in the office, to show something to the inquirer or request advice on how to operate. This device is an Oil&Steel patent and has been developed to revolutionise and speed up work interventions in quota. With LIVE WORK SYSTEM you will always have an eye on the job.

The Eagle Phoenix line consists of the following models: